Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It's Been Five Years

I have an excuse for not posting for the last five years, but no one cares why. So, screw it. I'm in a mood, so here goes.

Since Reagan, we have not had one worthwhile president. And, you do not need to know the reasons. There have been hours upon hours on TV since Ronnie kind of lost it toward the end of his last term and the talking heads have been telling us pro/con about Clinton, Bush, Obama, and so far the Donald.

We are still here.

However, that is not what is bothering me. Pardon me for sounding like my father-in-law who was 40 years my senior when I married his beautiful daughter in 1974. By 1978 I was attempting to take out a mortgage for $70,000 on a new home for our young family of four. There wasn't enough Maxwell House coffee or Johnny Walker to calm him down. He knew we were on the road to financial ruin. Now, my sons have mortgages with more zeros than Pearl Harbor.

In spite of my sweaty palms, they are still there (and doing just fine).

So, what do I really worry about? You'll just have to wait. I'm 67, tired, recovering from the flu, and my G&T is empty. 


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